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Ausgabe #15

Panels, Rhythm, Blinks
Visual rhetoric and comics theory
Scott McCloud


eeply impressed by Scott McCloud's theories on seeing, story telling and visual reading, I was eager for everything he published since his book Understanding comics came out in 1993.

He opened up comics in a new way, explaining pictures, words and fragments of the world, visible and invisible things. He made the reader learn about what is going on within the comic panels and what happens while imagining between the panels. How does the brain render images while looking at the pages?

Time, sequences and rhythm form not only comics but as well motion pictures, games, virtual reality and the abstract pictures we have of the world we live in. So Scott is explaining more than just

comics. He explains patterns and mechanisms, the very basics of visual language.

Each medium has its opportunities and its own unique limitations, but creating whole new worlds with just a plain pencil and a piece of paper can be so very astonishing. By explaining these worlds Scott gives us hints how we can achieve more grand experiences in the world of comics or any other media. Study his theories!


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